The Grand Finale

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I don’t know what to say really.

 Ashley looked beautiful. I hate to see her go !

The wedding went perfect and without a hitch.

 I now have my first brother !

Technically I’m now the only Rees child.

Mr. and Mrs. Ritchie will be headed to Vermont for work !

On a special note: Kirk’s mom would have loved it. Her presence was felt at the ceremony and festivities afterwards every step of the way. She will always be in our hearts and minds and will continue to bless Ash and Kirks life in many ways.

I’m so happy for the both of them and am glad that everyone who came got there safe and enjoyed themselves.

Now I will let the pictures tell the story.


Almost Here

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Wedding is about here and so are all the attendees !

Ash and Kirk spent an evening with Kirk’s family !

Everyone else just relaxed at the beach, shopped, fished, and just had a good time.

When the kids arrived we had a good ole fashion game of hide and seek in this big house we are staying in. Quite entertaining.

Not too much to blog about really, however we got yelled at for having a late night chat session !

P.S.- I missed a monster red. Probably 30+in and 13+ pounds.

Let’s get this party started !

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Morning started off early as mom and dad trekked 7 miles to the end of the island. Little to say they were sort of tired when they came home ! After some breakfast, showers, and some beach laying ash and kirk headed to the airport to pick up Cara. They ran some errands and then headed home. This included getting the nails done for the weddin’ !

Meanwhile me, dad, and Chels headed to the fly shop and bookstore to burn some time. When we got back me and Kirk headed out to the flats to look for some redfish. Shortly after exiting the car we got poured on and it rained for the next hour or so.

We all regrouped for some good Sandy Creek Farms ribs and some of dad’s good cooking. Shortly after dinner we heard the door and Nicol and Droid had arrived. Thus the reason for the title of this post.

Let’s get this party started ! The next two days will fly by as everyone starts to arrive and before you know it we will all be sitting or standing at Magnolia Plantation cheering Ash and Kirk on !

Here’s some pics to hold you over until tomorrow !


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I met up with a few fellas I had met over the net and we got out and fished yesterday.

The bride, groom, and rest of the fam stayed back got burnt and picked up a marriage license !

Fun and relaxing day was had by all !



Countdown !

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Sunday was a day of travel. Packed up the trailer and made sure the guardian of the house was all set with his weeks duties.

 We all made it here to our beautiful home in Charleston, SC ! No problems or worries whatsoever ! Ok so maybe that’s a lie….what would a week leading up to a wedding be without a little drama-rama to get things started.

Welcome to VA read the sign. About the same time I was reading that sign I realized I had left my wedding shoes at Chelsea’s house ! Of course she had reminded me numerous times to get them but ugh oh ! Silly me. Well the good news is I had actually brought them home without her noticing. However I had forgotten I had done this. So after about an hour of frantically deciding what to do we check the trailer while stopped for gas. And indeed there sat my “silly” shoes.

Bride and Groom made it in one piece after their little detour with the nanny to drop of her dog in Myrtle Beach. They settled in a few short hours after we did. So now that we all are here let the festivities begin !

Keep following for a fun-filled exciting week.

Jammed full and ready to go:

Home for the week:

Pretty Decorations:

Tornado Warning ! Forecast calls for rain every day this week except for the”magical” day. Keep your fingers crossed:


Alas the bride and groom arrive ! Wee later than everyone else but hey  they are here safe and sound !


Some Senior Pics !

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Here are a few from some sessions here at the end of school ! Ready and anticipating some great shoots this summer with some of the class of ’11 !

 Ryan D.

Cole G.

Last days at school

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Here are some shots from my last few days of exploration at Concord before summer break.