Almost Here

•April 17, 2011 • Leave a Comment

Waterfall season is just about here and in full swing. Here is a taste of what early season hunting is like. Loo for things to really start becoming productive over the next couple of weeks and I will hopefully get out to chase them. On Saturday I took my friend Brad to an area he had never been and these are our results.


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Got out and took some pictures for Chelsea yesterday evening when we got back to school. She likes to look at outfits and styles on the website  Occasionally we take pictures and she post on there. So we did just that yesterday and here are a few of them. Hope you all enjoy !


Weekend Plug

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Ran a meet in Richmond, VA this weekend. I broke out the camera for a few while I was out and about and snapped a few photos for you all. Hope you all will enjoy them. Temps were rather chilly this weekend but that’s all part of this gnarly spring time weather. I can’t wait for constant days to get to break in the new raft and take out the camera for some serious shooting !

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Website Updated !

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Well folks again it has been awhile and many things have been going on in my life. First and foremost I have really started trying to get this whole photo business up and off the ground. Thanks to a little help from mom and dad (Love you two!) things seem to be kicking. I just got my website up and running so if you havent checked it out please do so by clicking on the link.

 With spring arriving and summer on its way I look forward to shooting a few outdoor/fishing adventures along with the weddings I have booked ! Late May and early June are the first two and then we roll into summer fishing trips, vacations, ect.

 Anyway stop in and check things out every once in a while and you might be surprised to see that I may make more than one post a year !

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Wow this thing is dusty…

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Well since I got a few pics published in Aaron Otto’s Sleeping In the Dirt online mag I figured I better update this thing in case we get some hits. With the new year coming I am going to make it a habit to stay on top of this thing and update it after every outing or photo shoot.

Well I launched my business and got my license so that’s a plus. And ive taken some really cool photos over the past few months. I will upload a gallery here for you all to enjoy and will get the ball rolling with my new stuff come January !

Numero Uno

•June 2, 2010 • Leave a Comment

10 months, numerous trips, several late night tying sessions, and thousands upon thousands of cast, it finally happened. Thats right I landed my first musky on the fly rod.

This fish is so haunting that I have had dreams about it. I really can say that it’s a unique creature that can do crazy things to a person’s heart, mind, and soul.

I might not win any big fish contest but if you see me in person anytime in the near future you better believe your going to be hearing about it.
A musky is a musky regardless if she only taped out at 30in.

I have worked my tail off and there has been no greater reward than what came tonight.

I raised a fish pushing forty inches and ran her into shallow water and she spooked. Not being one to get down I stayed positive. Shortly after (6 cast to be exact) I took two strips and it was on. 2 fish in less than twenty yards. Am I dreaming ? Nope. She came to the net and I had the biggest grin on my face and am still wearing it as I type.

So heres to many more haunting hours chasing the elusive musky !! I can’t wait for numero dos.

Bummin this weekend !

•June 1, 2010 • Leave a Comment

Looking forward to getting out and doing some serious fishing this weekend ! Will try to take as many pictures possible so you all who have been watching this blog can enjoy. Until then I will post up some archived eye candy.


P.S.- Almost finished with my new website so keep checking in for the link. It will hopefully be posted in the very near future !